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Located in Fulton County in Upstate New York, along the Great Sacandaga Lake, you can find lots to do -- whether it's boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, camping, or nearby cross country skiing.  For avid hikers, the Adirondack Trail runs through the Town of Northampton. We have one of New York State's finest State Park Campgrounds. We also offer a summer program for kids and youth groups at our local churches.  Winter time is full of snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice races on the lake, and many other fun activites.  The Town of Northampton is truly an all-season place to have fun or just to relax and get away from it all.

We are easy to find.  Just take NYS Route 30 North off the New York State Thruway and follow the signs.



Northville-Northampton Hamlet Economic Development Plan Recent Public Meeting 

The Northville-Northampton Community Collaborative Council, in Conjunction with the Adirondack Park Agency, recently held a meeting on
 Thursday November 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm in the conference room of the Bradt Building, 412 S. Main Street, Northville.  The purpose of the meeting was to present a draft of an economic development plan and solicit public input.  

The “CCC” is a group composed of the leaders of the Task Force, Rotary, local Chamber and SVAN who have reached out to Mayor Spaeth and Supervisor Groff.  This is the same group that organized the first winter festival in order to attract more people to our community. Northville Central School Superintendent Leslie Ford is also a member of this group.

Below is a link for downloading the proposed Economic Development Plan:

Northampton-Northville Economic Development Plan
Click on this link to download the proposed Northampton-Northville Economic Development Plan.
Northampton-Northville HEPA Plan 11.13.1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [14.4 MB]




Press Release:

The Town of Northampton Board passed a resolution to override the 2% tax cap due to budgetary shortfalls.  The Board is looking at a proposed budget that would increase the tax rate from $.96 per thousand to $1.16 per thousand.  This would mean a $20.00 increase in taxes on a $100,000 assessment.  This increase represents a 13.44% increase.


When this year's budget process began, it was discovered that the Town could be facing a 20% increase in order to balance the budget.  It was learned that over the last four years expenditures have exceeded revenues.  In 2010, expenditures exceeded revenues in the combined General Fund and Highway Fund by $41,572; in 2011 by $28,226; in 2012 by $38,203; and in 2013 by $94898.  These excessive expenditures of over $200,000 have drained the Northampton's fund balance.  Former Town Treasurer Carol Roberts had written a letter to the Board prior to the adoptions of the 2013 budget explaining that the Board needed to raise taxes.  The administration at the time did not listen to her suggestions and, only at the Board's insistence, raised taxes a minimal amount.  Now the Town is faced with a large deficit after years of underfunding, and if Northampton was to stay within the tax cap, it would only put the taxpayers farther behind.


Additionally, in 2015 Northampton is facing a 7.4% increase in insurance, an 11% health insurance increase, and cost of living expenses for employees.  Even with these increases, the proposed budget is lower than last year's by over $5,000.  Due to the higher costs, and past overspending, a budget deficit exists.  In an effort to reduce the budget last year, at the request of the incoming Supervisor, the Board reduced the Supervisor's salary by $7,000 and their own by $1,000.


Supervisor Jim Groff stated, "I'm confident that with diligent budgetary funding, we can maintain a healthy fund balance and hopefully stay within the limits of the tax caps in future budgets.  Nobody likes to see their tax bill go up, but we cannot continue to operate by spending more than we take in."


Additional Note: The County Tax for Fulton County will be decreasing by $.79 for the upcoming year.





The Great Sacandaga Lake in the Town of Northampton



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The "Little Lake" in Village of Northville, Town of Northampton




The Fire Dept. is looking for anyone that might have any old or recent photos or videos of fires or related activities.  To submit photos contact Jim Groff or call him at 863-8829.  Anyone wishing to submit photos can also contact John Atherton at 863-6721 or contact any fireman. 



Meeting Minutes for the 2014 Budget Work Sessions held on 10/8/13, 10/21/13, 10/28/13 & 11/14/13 have been posted to the Town Board Meeting Minutes section.


The Town of Northampton Zoning Laws & Zoning Map are now on the Zoning Laws & News page as of 8/23/13.


The Events Page has been updated on 11/06/14.


New downloadable forms have been posted on the Code Enforcement page as well as the Forms & Applications page as of 2/10/14.



Pictures have been posted on the Ambulance Service and Fire Department pages on 6/18/13.


New information and email addresses have been added for the Ambulance Service on 7/24/13.  The published monthly report was posted on 7/25/13.




Meeting Minutes Updates:

Meeting Minutes For Town of Northampton Board Meetings Have Been Posted as of the 11/19/14 Meeting and the 

11/12/14 Budget Hearing Meeting.


Meeting Minutes For Zoning Board of Appeals Have Been

Posted as of the 10/22/14 Meeting.


Meeting Minutes for Planning Board Have Been

Posted as of the 11/10/14 Meeting.


Village Cold Storage Building

Bid Opening 11/21/14.


Aerial View of The Village of Northville & Town of Northampton

Community Involvement Opportunities

Northampton Ambulance is accepting applications for Drivers & EMT's.  Training is provided and paid for, and Northampton Ambulance will provide manuals.


Northampton Ambulance is accepting donated refundable bottles & cans at their ambulance building at 112 South Second Street in the Village of Northville.  There is a bin provided for the collection of donated bottles & cans. 











A view of the Northville Bridge from shore of the Great Sacandaga Lake









Visions of a Lovely 4-Season Town

Spring is a time of full bloom in the Village of Northville & Town of Northampton!

The Great Sacandaga Lake in January




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