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Northampton Volunteer Ambulance Association serves the Town of Northampton and the Village of Northville.  Northampton Ambulance service is made up of dedicated volunteers and has been in existence for 50 years.  The volunteer members commit many hours each year for ambulance duty and training. Our community is privileged to have this dedicated organization in our area. 

In 2014 Northampton Ambulance attended 166 patients, served 3500 volunteer hours and the ambulance traveled 4,500 miles. 


Over the past year, several members renewed their EMT and Advanced AMT certifications. For the coming year, member training and education will continue in all aspects of emergency response.


All the members of the Northampton Ambulance Service thank everyone in the community for continued interest and support.


Ambulance Service News & Happenings

The Northampton Ambulance Service is staffed by volunteers from within the community it serves.  The Ambulance service is currently looking for ambulance Drivers.  Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean driving record. Required training to qualify as a Driver includes BLS For Healthcare Providers (5 hours), CEVO III: Ambulance (6 hours), OSHA Orientation (2 hours), plus on-the-road mentoring with one of our experienced Drivers.  These education programs are all available right here in Northampton at the Ambulance Service training room.


Aides work alongside EMT's and Medics assisting in many aspects of patient care and transport. Aides require OSHA & BLS classes, along with an in-house orientation program. Minimum age for Aides is 16 years old.


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes are scheduled annually around the area. Completion of the classes earns a NYS Health Department Certification which meets the National Education Standards requirements for EMT's. The class is approximately 150+ hours of classroom time including practical skills laboratories. To be recommended and sponsored by Northampton Ambulance Service, a candidate must first complete Driver training and be an active and regular responder on calls as both an Aide and a Driver.  To take the EMT final exam, a candidate must have reached his/her 18th birthday prior to the scheduled examination date.


For more information and to get an application form, please call our EMS Chief, Jack Farquhar at 863-2468.


Meeting Tidbits....

September 13, 2016 Meeting Notes


The regular monthly meeting of Northampton Ambulance on September 13, 2016 was held with 9 members in attendance.

NAS responded to 3 calls in the T/Northampton, 4 Village of Northville and 1 T/Hope.

Thank you to our Northville community for dropping off your refundable containers in our bin located at our headquarters on 112 South Second St.. Nickels accumulate into valuable dollars for updating equipment.


Respectfully submitted,


Holly Clairmont




August 9, 2016 Meeting Notes
The Town of Northampton Ambulance Meeting was held on August 9, 2016 with 10 members in attendance.
In July the service responded to 11 calls in the Town of Northampton, 3 Village of Northville and 1 Town of Hope.
Thank you residents for dropping off your refundable bottles and cans in our bin located at our headquarters on 112 South Second Street.
Respectfully submitted,
Holly C. Clairmont

June 14, 2016 Meeting Notes:


Northampton Ambulance monthly meeting was held on June 14th with 9 members in attendance. A demonstration of the Lucas CPR Device was presented. A Lifepak 15 Demo was presented as well.

NAS responded to 10 calls in T/Northampton and 5 in the Village of Northville.

A donation in Memory of Lorraine Moran was received.

Respectfully submitted,


Holly Clairmont, Secretary



February 9, 2016 Meeting Tidbits
The regular monthly meeting of Northampton Ambulance was held on February 9, 2016.
NAS responded to 6 calls in the Town of Northampton, 8 Village of Northville and 3 in Town of Hope.
Respectfully submitted,
Holly Clairnont

News Release!

Regular monthly meeting held on 12/8/2015. In December, 2 call responses in Northville and 6 T/Northampton.


Patrick Sheeran and Zachary Wilson will be attending the EMT classes at FMCC which start on 1/27/16.

Stay safe, warm and think spring.


Holly Clairmont, Secretary

June 2015 Meeting Tidbits
Northampton Ambulance meeting held on June 9, 2015 with 8 members present. NAS responded to 5 calls in T/Northampton, 8 in V/Northville and 2 in T/Hope.  Greg Bedell was approved as a new member.  A donation was received in memory of Janice Hanaway.
Thank you all for your generous support during our annual fund drive.
Respectfully submitted,
Holly Clairmont
May 2015 Meeting Tidbits
The regular meeting of Northampton Ambulance was held on May 12, 2015.
NAS responded to 6 calls in T/Northampton, 5 Village of Northville and 1 in the T/Hope.
NAS held a coin drop on May 2, 2015 and thanks all who donated to our cause.
Please assure your house number is plainly visible from the road/street with excellent contrast to assist us in locating your residence.
NAS thanks all who drop off their refundable bottles and cans in our bin located in the yard of our station on 112 South Second Street.
Those nickels multiply and become dollars to enable us to purchase new equipment.
Respectfully submitted,
Holly Clairmont

Ambulance Service Officers

Northampton Ambulance Service Officer's Contact Information:

Jack Farquhar, EMS Chief:


Eric Shumaker, 1st Assistant EMS Chief:


Jon Van Alstyne, 2nd Assistant EMS Chief:



Emails to the Ambulance Service can be sent to:




Ambulance Service Membership Bytes

All active Ambulance Service members are eligible for a $200.00 tax credit on their NYS Income Tax return.


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