Town of Northampton
Town of Northampton

Town Government

Town of Northampton

412 South Main Street
PO Box 479 
Northville, NY  12134
(518) 863-4040  --  Fax (518) 863-6449
All town officials can be reached at the above address.


Name Email Address Ph. number
James K. Groff- Supervisor



Colleen Cordone   863-4040
Molly Zullo 774-9760
Darryl Roosa 863-2312
William Gritsavage 863-6444



Town Board Meetings are on the

Third Wednesday of each month.

Name Phone number
Bob Smith, Chairperson                                                                  863-8956
Steve Naple 883-4461
Jack Groff 863-4040
Robert Anderson 863-3505
James Conkling 863-6382

Planning Board meetings are on the first Wednesday

of each month.

Name Phone number
Thomas Corrigan, Deputy Chair                                                               863-6418
Jeffrey Daum 863-2220
Heidi Darling, Chair 863-4382
Bruce Backer 863-2822
Peter Stofa  

Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are on the

fourth Wednesday of each month.

Name Phone number
Robert Brooks - Chairperson                                                           863-8947
Norman Richardson 863-2321
Douglas Frye  
Carl Ingalls 863-8786
Gayle Walrath 863-4066
Name Title
Colleen Cordone                                                                          Town Councilwoman
Molly Zullo Town Councilwoman
Sue Sedon Village Trustee

Sue Eckert                                    

John Sira (liaison)

Village Trustee

NCS Board Trustee

James Groff Town Supervisor
John Spaeth Village Mayor
Title Name Email Address Ph. #
Town Clerk Elaine Mihalik 863-4040
Town Attorney   Michael Albanese 725-3575
Town Justice Darrin Dietz   863-6921
Town Justice John Farquhar   863-2468
Highway Supt. Ken Cramer   863-4282
Assessor Melissa Mazzarelli 863-4875
Tax Collector Robin Wilson   863-4040
Code Enforcer Todd Unislawski 863-6580
Animal Control Vern Duesler III   863-6313
Town Historian Gail Cramer 863-2628
Health Officer      

Other Town Contact Numbers

863-4282     Highway Department/Town Barn

863-6449     Fax Number for Town Offices

863-2784     Transfer Station

863-1063     Ambulance Building  (email:

863-2177     Fulmont Community Action Agency

661-5535     Hudson/Black River Regulating District

863-6922     Public Library

863-4944     Post Office

863-7000     Northville Central School



Town Court physical address:  112 S. 2nd Street

Town Court mailing address:  PO Box 479, Northville, NY  12134

Town Court Fax/ Phone:  (518) 863-6921








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Town of Northampton
412 S Main St
Northville, NY 12134

Ph: (518) 863-4040


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